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Solano County Republican Party

Current Event

Threats and violence against conservative students have become endemic at our universities over the past couple of years.  While we have always shared concerns about this, recent events have made this fight personal for Solano Republicans.


(The video link above will take you to a youtube segment of the recent CPAC speech where President Trump had Hayden Williams speak about the occurrence.)

At our crab feed on January 26, 2019 we had the pleasure of hosting a number of students from the UC Berkeley and UC Davis College Republicans.  As part of the delegation from UC Berkeley we hosted Hayden Williams, an employee from the Leadership Institute who was working to establish a chapter of the conservative group Turning Point USA.  Last week, a video emerged of him being brutally attacked while supporting conservative students in the heart of UC Berkeley.  The following link shares a recent interview Williams did with Laura Ingraham

(The video link above will take you to the Erin Cruz show on facebook  that aired on Wednesday, April 3 .)

These kinds of attacks are unacceptable in our country and particularly at our colleges and universities.  While we applaud the university for condemning the attack and the UCPD for making an arrest in the matter, it is clear that assaults and harassment on conservatives have become accepted in some corners of the campus left.



We support candidates and propositions that serve our community with compassion, innovation, fiscal accountability, and respect for citizens’ rights and future strength of the nation as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

The Solano County Republican Central Committee is dedicated to bringing conservative values back to California.  It wants everyone to share in the American Dream.  California Republicans do not care about your race, creed, color or religion.  Your sexual preference is your business. 

Personal Responsibility is a cornerstone to having a free society.  Do these sound like your values?  If so, join the  Solano County Republicans.