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    CAGOP Chairwoman Locked Out of Twitter without Explanation

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    April 15th, 2021                                                               213/ 804-0818

    CAGOP Chairwoman Locked Out of Twitter without Explanation
    (Sacramento) – California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson was locked out of her Twitter account Monday morning due to suspicious activity and has neither been told what that activity was, nor allowed to log back into her account in the more than three days since, though her account is still online. After repeated attempts to fix the issue, including filing an appeal with Twitter, she is still locked out with little to no response from Twitter.
    “Conservatives have faced a barrage of censorship on social media in recent years, including from Twitter,” said Patterson. “As a Republican, it is frustrating – though not surprising – to find myself unable to access Twitter without explanation. As California prepares for a likely recall election, more than three days is a long time to be silenced as the Chair of the California Republican Party while Democrats and Gavin Newsom continue to have an uninterrupted microphone. I hope that Twitter will work with us to resolve this matter and let conservative perspectives contribute to the political discourse on its platform.”
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  • Information on Hearings before State Assembly

    The following bills are up for hearings- click on the link that follows to listen/watch the items that interest you:  https://www.legislature.ca.gov/the_state_legislature/calendar_and_schedules/audio_tv.html

    • AB-125Equitable Economic Recovery, Healthy Food Access, Climate Resilient Farms, and Worker Protection Bond Act of 2022 – Hearing has been set for April 15, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.
    • AB 397– Unemployment Insurance-Disqualification Notice– Hearing has been set for April 15, 2021.
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  • Recall Information from CAGOP

    Excerpt From the CA GOP newsletter for April 6, 2021  California Republican Party

    Recall Campaign Update                                                                
    • #RecallGavinNewsom organizers announced 2,116,853 signatures had been submitted.
    •  1.4 million (1,454,710) signatures have been processed by the counties, with 1.1 million (1,188,073) signatures shown to be valid so far (81.67% validity rate).
    • Of the 600k (662,143) remaining signatures to process, Recall organizers only need 46% (307,636) of those to be valid for the Recall to reach the threshold (1,495,709) to trigger an election.
    • In short, this Recall election is on track to qualify, giving California voters their chance to end the failed Governorship of Gavin Newsom in 2021.
    • The California Republican Party has now crossed the 56,000-volunteer mark (56,242). That is a 33% jump from the day after Election Day 2020.

     Endorsed Candidates & CAGOP In the News:
    Make sure to follow CAGOP on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see the most up to date information, including profiles of endorsed candidates for 2020, and highlights of the news coverage for the California Republican Comeback!
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  • If All Else Fails, Change the Rules

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          Contact:  [email protected]
    April 12th, 2021                                                               213/ 804-0818
     If All Else Fails, Change the Rules
    In the wake of 2.1 million Californians signing a petition to see incompetent Governor Gavin Newsom recalled, an action that is likely to qualify to a ballot, Democrats are feeling the heat and changing the rules.
    State Senator Josh Newman, a Newsom ally and rare California politician who has been ousted by a recall, authored Senate Bill 663, which went before the Senate Elections committee today in Sacramento. If passed, the person subject to a recall will gain access to the names and contact information of all signers in future recalls, while extending the window for petitioners to withdraw their signatures from 30 to 45 days.
    The impact of this bill becoming law would change the foundation of the secret recall petition, as it now exists. Those who sign a petition would have their privacy violated and could be subject to unsolicited outreach by the very official and official’s representatives who they wish to remove, as they attempt to get signers to withdraw their signatures.
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