Voter Information and Legislative Resources

For information on any bills mentioned, CLICK HERE and simply enter the bill # or keywords where designated.

The More We Know…

Do you know how a legislative bill becomes a law in California?
Click here for a simple explanation.


The following link will take you to the Solano County Registrar of voters.

You can register, change your information, etc at this link.

  • CHECK your registration at your county registrar’s website AND at  Report problems to CAGOP Election Integrity CAGOP Election Integrity Incident Report.
  • SIGN UP to track your ballot at WheresMyBallot   This will prevent you from having your ballot used by someone else.
  • READ, PRINT and SHARE the document linked HERE for valuable information and advice for protecting your vote and election integrity in general.
  • SHARE this and all CAGOP Election Integrity communications with EVERYONE you can.
  • CONSIDER working as an election official with your county. They need assistance and we need more people in a position to ensure that laws and procedures are correctly followed.
  • ENCOURAGE voting, IN PERSON if possible. Friends don’t let friends give up!  VOTE!

You can check your vote status here at this link.




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