The Right Stuff: What will the Democrats run on?

I, like many, watched the Democratic Party’s two-day traveling road show billed as debate. There is a reason Broadway shows have trial runs before hitting Broadway. Well, after the painful experience of watching “#MeToo” and socialist/progressive economic nonsense plus character assassination, I am reminded of the Old West snake oil salesman – Dr. Feel Good’s

Well, after the painful experience of watching “#MeToo” and socialist/progressive economic nonsense plus character assassination, I am reminded of the Old West snake oil salesman – Dr. Feel Good’s cures that cured nothing and usually hurt you. What will the Party of Feel Good run on? Their list of wishful thinking pie in the sky follows.

• First and foremost: President Donald Trump bad, and in case you forgot bad, there’s Russia, Russia, CNN, The New York Times not biased. Amen.

• Health care as a “right” of all Americans even though no such “right” exists in the Constitution: Bernie “The Red” Sanders proclaimed we can have “everyone on Medicare” and every candidate agreed – especially Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren – admitting it would eventually lead to a government-run universal scheme. Great. Who pays? Never mind mere details. I wonder, where my Canadian cousins will go for good health care should this pass?

• Immigration: Do we need comprehensive immigration reform? Yes, as long as it doesn’t conflict with our real agenda of open borders. Whatever Trump wants like the wall, stopping the invasion of our nation, remember, is bad. Do we want assimilation? Probably not, because diversity ensures new problems to exploit. Frankly, I hope they continue this as it will force them to clarify their views on remaking the American population.

• Infanticide or the euphemisms “Women’s Health” or whatever clever label they come up with to mask the killing babies after birth and still call it abortion: Every Democratic Party senator on the stage voted against the Republican-proposed “Born Alive Survivors Protection Act.” The act would have required physicians to “preserve the life” of a baby who had survived an attempted abortion. Yes, sir, the Party of Compassion strikes again.

• Gun Control: Let’s see, guns bad – yada, yada, yada. They think the public is ready to restrict ownership, types of weapons and ammunition, etc. (Look at the legislation on the subject that went into effect July 1 in California.) Remember, we have the Second Amendment to protect the First Amendment and all the others. Our forefathers had just won a bloody war of independence where the right of the people to bear arms was rather important.

• Climate Change has a new spin, called the Green New Deal: This latest Alice in Wonderland nonsense has been gifted to us by that renowned scientific and economic genius Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Sorry, this person has a sad family back story driving her emotions. Her views are espoused by the candidates, which again frankly shows the lack of reality and discernment of the lot of them. The cost of this fantasy is in the trillions not billions of dollars, folks, with no clear answers where the money would come from. I guess it’s the view of AOC herself: “I don’t know, we’ll just spend the money.” Yikes!

• Reparations: The concept of blaming today’s white folks, who had nothing to do with slavery or the hundred-plus-year Jim Crow aftermath, to pay for the deliberate policies of the Democratic Party, which rebelled against the Union. It later instituted segregation at every level in the former Confederacy, directly contravening the spirit of the 13th, 12th and 15th Amendments. How would reparation costs and distribution work? Funded by income tax? Will Kamala Harris be taxed for her slave-owning ancestor? All manner of ideas were bandied about by the usual suspects.

Outlawing the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court are other schemes fraught with the law of unintended consequences. But stay tuned, it will get more interesting.

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