The Red Wave Is Here In Solano County

The Red Wave is here and rolling in Solano County, which is exciting with the November 2020 election just around the corner.  It is an exciting time to be a Republican in California.

For the past decade, the Solano County Republican Central Committee has been committed to rebuilding our Republican base of voters, designing our website to be a reliable resource for Republicans, and strengthening our relationship with our California GOP.  That unification with our CAGOP through the leadership of Chairwoman, Jessica Millan-Patterson has helped us to bring some of the most exciting candidates to fight to restore our beautiful state. With that being said, SCRCC is proud to announce that we have a Republican running in every race in every city throughout Solano County. 

Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, but we need your help.  All of our endorsed candidates are listed on the below link and more are requesting endorsements, which we are in the process of completing.  These candidates need volunteers to walk precincts, make phone calls (either at home or at our 625 Jackson Street, Fairfield office,) make donations, and help them win.  Even if all you have is 3 minutes, it will make a difference in the results of the elections. 

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