Supervisors discuss using pandemic funds for strategic flood plan

Supervisors discuss using pandemic funds for strategic flood plan  By Todd R. Hansen

FAIRFIELD — Seven roads were closed and every city in Solano County experienced at least some level of flooding from Sunday’s storm, which dropped 6 inches of rain over a 24-hour period in some areas. Public Works crews were out Tuesday assessing possible damage to bridges and culverts, while other crews were looking at areas where possible landslides or other erosion issues could be a concern, such as the burn scar area as well as Lynch Canyon park.

The consensus was that the county was fortunate that the storm came in October and not in February when the ground would not as likely been able to absorb the volume of water as quickly.

The county Emergency Operations Center was activated during the storm, said Don Ryan, the Office of Emergency Services manager.

“Now our ground is saturated,” said Ryan, adding that makes it essential that everyone is prepared for the next storm.

“This is an eye-opener for the winter storms,” Supervisor John Vasquez said.

Vasquez also suggested that the county should consider using some of its American Rescue Plan Act funds to develop a countywide strategic flood plan.

Supervisor Mitch Mashburn said the state is looking at a statewide flood plan, so if Solano can put together a comprehensive plan, it could put the county at the front of the line for project funding.

Contributing author Jennifer Gartung


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