Suisun October 22

Big issue is proposed Suisun Logistic Center project at South Gate Travis too close to Base

Despite buyer assurances, concerns grow over land purchases near Travis

By  from the Daily Republic
FAIRFIELD — Solano County officials are trying to learn the identity of the investors behind a limited liability company that has purchased approximately 10,000 acres of agricultural properties – many of the parcels in proximity to Travis Air Force Base – at an estimated cost of close to $80 million.

Supervisor John Vasquez, at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, said the purchases make Flannery Associates LLC the largest private landowner in the county.

At the same meeting, former Supervisor Duane Kromm raised the prospect that the land purchases could rise to the level of a national security concern given the proximity to Travis.[ more]

Wind Turbine Interference on Radar Systems
Travis Air Force Base

The Problem

Wind turbines are a problem for radar systems because
they produce stationary and Doppler clutter. As the
turbine blades spin their motion is detected in a radar as a
moving object based on the Doppler return. The blades
rotate at such a rate that the speed of a turbine, say at the
tip, has a velocity commensurate with a small plane. [...Read More]

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