Stop the Gas Tax

There are two reasons to help the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative campaign.
First, it will save you money. Second, it will help elect anti-tax candidates this November!

The Gas and Car Tax Hikes will cost the typical family off our $779.23 more per year. Polling
shows the Repeal Initiative will motivate lazy (low propensity) Republican voters to turn out in
November (74.8%more likely to vote) and will persuade voters to favor the candidates who are
opposed to the gas and car tax hikes over the candidates who support it (68.8%).

Please do not sit on the sidelines - make a difference by volunteering & contributing today!

How You Can Be Part of the Gas Tax Repeal Campaign

1. Regional Campaign Meet-Ups: In June and July, Reform California will convene
planning meetings in each region of the state with individuals and organizations that
want to be involved with the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative campaign. We will discuss
regional press conference schedules, rallies, lawn sign distribution, candidate
endorsements, etc. We want to work WITH candidates, county parties, business
groups, taxpayer advocates, etc. in each region to let them be the face of the effort .
Please let us know if you want to attend and/or help recruit attendees for these

2. Rallies and Press Conferences: In September, Reform California will conduct a
statewide bus tour with rallies, press conferences, and lawn sign distribution in each
region. We will feature candidates in each region who are our "Gas Tax Repeal
Heroes." We need your help now to plan out these events to involve the right
people, candidates, and organizations.

3. Targeted Turn-Out and Persuasion Paid Media: Reform California will raise $4
million to drive up turnout in key areas and feature and thank Gas Tax Repeal
Heroes in our paid ads - TV, cable, direct mail, and digital ads. Who should we
feature in your region?

4. Raise the Resources: Help us raise the resources (volunteers and funds) to carry out
- the plan above! 50 far nearly $4.5 million has been raised in the Recall/Repeal
phases of the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative. $2 million of that has come from small-dollar
donors (25,000+) contributing an average of $37 each time. Reform California is
hosting fund raising events in each region. Please help us - any contribution is
welcome at these events . Will you join the host committee for the event in your
area? Can you volunteer to support the events in your region?

Stay Informed - Sign Up - Contribute - RSVP for Events
Questions: Email [email protected] or call 619-786-8019