Special Event at the Marin GOP

Special Event

An evening with

Erica Kious


Remember when everything got crazy back in the summer of 2020? There were waiting lists to buy hand sanitizer, 101 had no traffic, Main Street businesses were closed and it was easier to buy heroin in San Francisco than it was to get your hair done. But... not if you were House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

When hardworking Americans were told they couldn't visit grandma, open their businesses, go to work, see friends or even get their hair done because it simply wasn't "safe", there were different rules for "thee and me." Or at least different rules for the Speaker of the House. As Nancy Pelosi was masking up for the cameras and scolding people who dared to point out that they needed to go to work to pay the mortgage and feed their families, she was busy doing otherwise.

So, when Nancy was caught red-handed getting her hair done, mask-free, one brave San Francisco hairdresser had the courage to unmask the hypocrisy.

Erica Kious is an unlikely heroine for an unlikely era. A salon owner and business woman in the Summer of 2020, she could see the desperation of her fellow hairdressers who were being kept from working. And yet... the people responsible for shutting down the salons weren't doing their own hair. When the video of the unmasked Speaker of the House getting her hair shampooed in a salon went viral, things got kind of crazy. Speaker Pelosi would claim that she was a victim of a "set up." In retrospect, perhaps America has been the victim of a setup. Sean Hannity made hay over the hypocrisy for a few weeks. Nancy's minions in San Francisco threatened Erica and as a result, her life was changed forever because she dared to be honest, and she dared to unmask the hypocrisy of the woman who wanted to mask us.

Fast forward to two years later and we're still fighting to unmask our kids. But if we didn't have people like Erica Kious willing to unmask the hypocrisy, we might all still be believing so-called leaders like Nancy Pelosi.

When we say Erica is a heroine and a role model, we aren't being hyperbolic. In 2022, too few people have the courage to speak out publicly against the entrenched and hypocritical establishment. Erica didn't --and doesn't-- hide in private Facebook groups. For her, there are no "safe spaces." The reality is that we, as Americans, will have no safe spaces if we don't learn to speak out boldly and honestly. This isn't just about a haircut, or embarrassing the powerful. Erica stood up for small business owners and ordinary Californians who were suffering under extreme mandates imposed by a bureaucracy who privately refused to live by their own rules. Almost two years later we're still fighting for free speech, small businesses and the American way.

The Marin GOP is pleased and proud to announce we will be hosting an

Evening with Erica Kious

DATE: April 8, Friday night, 6-8 PM

Meet the heroine who exposed Nancy Pelosi for the fraud she is.

Light buffet and soft drinks, no host bar. Convenient Marin County venue. (Free parking.) Location provided upon ticket purchase.


The Marin GOP


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April 08, 2022 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Marin GOP
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