Recall Information from CAGOP

Excerpt From the CA GOP newsletter for April 6, 2021  California Republican Party

Recall Campaign Update                                                                
  • #RecallGavinNewsom organizers announced 2,116,853 signatures had been submitted.
  •  1.4 million (1,454,710) signatures have been processed by the counties, with 1.1 million (1,188,073) signatures shown to be valid so far (81.67% validity rate).
  • Of the 600k (662,143) remaining signatures to process, Recall organizers only need 46% (307,636) of those to be valid for the Recall to reach the threshold (1,495,709) to trigger an election.
  • In short, this Recall election is on track to qualify, giving California voters their chance to end the failed Governorship of Gavin Newsom in 2021.
  • The California Republican Party has now crossed the 56,000-volunteer mark (56,242). That is a 33% jump from the day after Election Day 2020.

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