Newsom’s Ongoing Vaccine Woes

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Newsom’s Ongoing Vaccine Woes

While Gavin Newsom continues his victory lap on vaccines for Californians this week, a deeper look into vaccine distribution under his leadership presents a more troubling picture of how incompetent it has truly been.

MyTurn Crash and Burn
After building a taxpayer-funded $50 million website that was meant to serve as a one-stop-shop for Californians looking for a vaccine appointment, the MyTurn website has been a catastrophe.
Constant glitches, a frustrating and confusing user interface, and the omission of too many vaccine distribution locations has led to MyTurn booking only 27% of the vaccinations given statewide each day. Gavin Newsom’s disastrous website wasted taxpayer money and left Californians frustrated and searching for vaccines on their own – a particularly challenging task for less tech-savvy residents.

Resting while Testing
California’s Valencia COVID lab, which is run by PerkinElmer under a $1.7 billion state contract, continues to face criticism after months of mounting problems. The state health department promised a report by March on the “significant deficiencies” at the center, and it has yet to be finished and released. In February, whistleblowers inside the lab came forward with allegations of lab techs sleeping while processing tests, test swabs found in bathrooms, and inadequate training. And the problems continue today.


Today, PerkinElmer is contractually bound to process 150,000 tests a day, yet is only doing 72,000 a week. One out of every 126 tests received by the lab ends up invalid, lost or canceled. And schools – relying on the promised 24-48-hour turnaround time – have struggled with delays, impacting student athletes who need to pass a test in order to play. Yet Gavin Newsom is still encouraging schools to work with the lab, despite its track record of failures.

Vaccinating the Vulnerable
Newsom may tout his efforts to reach the most vulnerable communities with vaccines, but the stats behind his efforts from December 2020 to March 2021 are deeply concerning.

Under Newsom, California has the highest rates of homelessness and poverty in the nation. And faced with a challenge of vaccinating a community who desperately needed him, Newsom failed them, leaving California ranked near the very bottom of states for vaccinating the vulnerable.

BOTTOM LINE: Gavin Newsom’s perpetual incompetence continues to hurt hard-working Californians. He is the worst governor in history, and has earned the recall election he’s now so worried about. Rest assured that, in the coming months, everything he does will be based on votes, not what’s best for the people of California.
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