**HR 1 For the People Act of 2021 is getting closer to being law!!!

Biden 2.55 Trillion infrastructure Bill   Still in Debate!!

Supreme Court ruled to uphold law against illegal immigration.

HR 4315 Provides Cola increase for the Elderly.  Introduced

SB 11 Seeks to improve Wildfire Ins. coverage.  Passed on July 23 2021 - 100% progression

SB 264 Bans state sale of firearms.  In Committee 

SB 715 Controls sale of guns to minors. In Committee

SB 99   Cutback on carbon emitting generators

SB 61   More gun control

AB 1223 Oppose Firearm and Ammo Tax

AB 1185 Sheriff oversight committee

SB 271 Any one can run for Sheriff.  In Senate Committee

HR 7120 Police Reform Bill        Passed House

HR 1 The Peoples Act   Rewrite voting rules   Passed House.

HR 5 Equality Act Expands Public Accommodations  Pass House

HR 8  X-fer of Guns  Passed House.

HR 1446 Delay guns sales from 3 to 10 days  Passed House.

HR 127  Gun License Registration Law   In Committee

HR 484  No Glory for Hate Act –Trump In Sub Committee  3% chance

HR 51 DC to Statehood bill  Passed House going to Senate 84% chance?

Biden 2.55 Trillion infrastructure Bill
Senate Republicans outline their own infrastructure plan


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