Mark Meuser August 2018


John Cox Governor, will restore California from its financial melt-down by unleashing small business, rolling back oppressive regulations, and focusing on economic growth.
Mark Meuser Secretary of State, will restore voter confidence in elections by providing open, secure, and fair elections.
Steven Bailey Attorney General, has a proven record of enforcing our laws according to our Constitution. As Attorney General, he will protect California families.
Konstantinos Roditis State Controller, will fight to make Califoria affordable, audit the High-Speed Rail and defund it, and focus on solutions not taxes.
Greg Conlon State Treasurer, has 30 years of financial and accounting experience as a businessman, CPA and Veteran.
Mark Burns Board of Equalization, is a staunch and long term supporter of Prop. 13, 60, and 90 (property tax base transfers for seniors) will work to make our system fairer for all.
Charlie Schaupp

United States House of Representatives, 3rd Congressional District, will fight for governmental fiscal responsibility, limit regulations, and to protect water resources. 

Lisa Romero State Assembly District 11, is a nurse, educator, mother, and Latina, who recognizes the need for new leadership in our district. Opponent co-authored the gas tax which will cost taxpayers $52 Billion.