Elections Matter: Voter's Disenfranchised.

Election day is over, but you questioned your experience at the polls.  At Solano County Republican Party, we have been on top of the problems with the election process.  Through our efforts to engage with voters, we have found out that there are many problems before you ever reach the polls on election day.  Many people have been victims of the legislation AB1461 Voter Registration, California New Motor Voter Program, which opts you out of your preferred party and places you in No Party Preference or removes you all together. This forces voters to re-register Republican. Many people were not aware that they had been removed and this caused problems with receiving the correct absentee ballot.  This also caused problems at the polls in Solano County.  We have reports of Republican’s not being able to register at the polls, being told that there were no Republican ballots, and some were event turned away and told to return later.  Elections should never be this complicated. 


What is the solution to fair elections? We can file incident reports to Election Integrity Project-CA.  EIP-CA is a nonpartisan organization that monitors elections, collects data about incidents and violations, and works with Judicial Watch to fight the poor election process in California.  If you had a bad experience at the polls or with your ballot, (i.e. you didn’t receive it in the mail, you were unknowingly removed from your party, you were denied a Republican ballot, etc.,) then you need to file an incident report.  We have attached a PDF file for you to print the report and then mail it to the address on the form.  Let EIP-CA decided if your incident is viable.


November is just around the corner and we need to act NOW. Many people are learning that their absentee ballots were rejected because signatures don’t match the system. We recommend that everyone re-register with a voter registration form to update your signature. Please follow the link to the Solano County ROV to verify if your ballot was valid.  We are here to help.  Call us at 707-422-5000, stop by at our office at 625 Jackson Street, Fairfield, or find us at SolanoRepublicanParty.com.

Thank you for voting Republican. 

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Have an Election Incident to report. Click on the link, print the form, and send it in to the address on the form.  



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