COVID-19 How To Grocery Shop With Confidence.

As the COVID-19 has uprooted out lives, we find that more and more communities are uniting to beat the spread of this virus. Our Republican Committee has become the trusted organization for the citizens in and out of the Republican party.  As we continue to reach out to all voters, we would like to share this video that can help you to shop for groceries and enjoy take out foods with confidence by learning sanitizing procedures used by doctors and nurses every day.


COVID-19 CDC Image


This illustration created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows what the coronavirus looks like when viewed through an electron microscope. (




As more and more small businesses are struggling, we also are sharing with you the link to the Solano small business COVID-19 resource page.  You will find webinars for coping with COVID-19, their guide to loans and forms, a small business survival guide, and how to get U.S. Federal support.

We thank all those who are working behind the scenes and are out in the communities from 911 responders, truckers, farmers to food handlers.  They have helped citizens keep safe, healthy, and fed. Our office is closed at this time as we are working remotely, but you can reach us by phone or contact the Chairwoman directly.


Kind regards,

Michele Guerra

SCRCC, Chairwoman



“If everyone helps hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired.” 

Askhari Johnson Hodari





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