If All Else Fails, Change the Rules

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April 12th, 2021                                                               213/ 804-0818
 If All Else Fails, Change the Rules
In the wake of 2.1 million Californians signing a petition to see incompetent Governor Gavin Newsom recalled, an action that is likely to qualify to a ballot, Democrats are feeling the heat and changing the rules.
State Senator Josh Newman, a Newsom ally and rare California politician who has been ousted by a recall, authored Senate Bill 663, which went before the Senate Elections committee today in Sacramento. If passed, the person subject to a recall will gain access to the names and contact information of all signers in future recalls, while extending the window for petitioners to withdraw their signatures from 30 to 45 days.
The impact of this bill becoming law would change the foundation of the secret recall petition, as it now exists. Those who sign a petition would have their privacy violated and could be subject to unsolicited outreach by the very official and official’s representatives who they wish to remove, as they attempt to get signers to withdraw their signatures.
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COVID-19 How To Grocery Shop With Confidence.

As the COVID-19 has uprooted out lives, we find that more and more communities are uniting to beat the spread of this virus. Our Republican Committee has become the trusted organization for the citizens in and out of the Republican party.  As we continue to reach out to all voters, we would like to share this video that can help you to shop for groceries and enjoy take out foods with confidence by learning sanitizing procedures used by doctors and nurses every day. 



COVID-19 CDC Image


This illustration created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows what the coronavirus looks like when viewed through an electron microscope. (thetannd.com)




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Small Businesses Suffer: Quid Pro Quo Pelosi and Dems Politicize COVID-19

As the coronavirus crisis forces Americans into “volunteer isolation,” Democrats, unapologetically, show America their true colors. Nancy Pelosi has given the list of their demands disguised as a “wish list” to the Senate and now hold America hostage as they stop the progress of emergency aid to American workers, families, and small businesses.

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House 

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Elections Matter: Voter's Disenfranchised.

Election day is over, but you questioned your experience at the polls.  At Solano County Republican Party, we have been on top of the problems with the election process.  Through our efforts to engage with voters, we have found out that there are many problems before you ever reach the polls on election day.  Many people have been victims of the legislation AB1461 Voter Registration, California New Motor Voter Program, which opts you out of your preferred party and places you in No Party Preference or removes you all together. This forces voters to re-register Republican. Many people were not aware that they had been removed and this caused problems with receiving the correct absentee ballot.  This also caused problems at the polls in Solano County.  We have reports of Republican’s not being able to register at the polls, being told that there were no Republican ballots, and some were event turned away and told to return later.  Elections should never be this complicated. 


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