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Gavin Newsom Earned This Recall
  California is on the Wrong Track under Gavin Newsom
What the FRACK?! Gavin Newsom Attacks the Central Valley
  Joe Biden’s First 100 Days
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2021 CA Estimated Recall Dates  
  • 4/29/21 - Deadline to verify signatures.
  • 6/21/21 - Deadline to withdrawal signature from petition 
  • 7/6/21 – 8/17/21 - Time period for Department of Finance to analyze recall costs.
  • 8/17/21 – 9/16/21 - Time period for Joint Legislative Budget Committee to comment on Department of Finance estimates.
  • 9/17/21 - Secretary of State certifies signatures for the recall.
  • 9/17/21 - Lieutenant Governor calls recall election.
  • 11/16, 11/23, or 11/30/21 - Potential recall election dates.

CAGOP Statement on Crossing the Recall Verified Signature Threshold

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April 26th, 2021                                                               213/ 804-0818

CAGOP Statement on Crossing the Recall Verified Signature Threshold

Sacramento – Today, California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson released the following statement on the California Secretary of State’s announcement that California voters have enough signatures to qualify a recall election for the purpose of removing Governor Gavin Newsom from office:

“Secretary of State Weber confirmed voters have qualified a recall election to remove the worst governor in California history, Gavin Newsom, by verifying more than 1.5 million signatures. 
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Newsom’s Ongoing Vaccine Woes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          Contact:  [email protected]
April 22nd, 2021                                                               213/ 804-0818
Newsom’s Ongoing Vaccine Woes

While Gavin Newsom continues his victory lap on vaccines for Californians this week, a deeper look into vaccine distribution under his leadership presents a more troubling picture of how incompetent it has truly been.

MyTurn Crash and Burn
After building a taxpayer-funded $50 million website that was meant to serve as a one-stop-shop for Californians looking for a vaccine appointment, the MyTurn website has been a catastrophe.
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Capitol Update Issue #18 April 22, 2020 courtesy of CRFW

Issue #18- April 22, 2021 
Submitted by the CFRW Legislative Analyst Committee:         
Gretchen Cox, Elaine Freeman, Lou Ann Flaherty, Val Emick

GOOD NEWS! SB 663,the bill to allow the personal information of anyone who signs a recall petition to be made available to others including the recall target has been withdrawn. It may come back next year, but for now, it’s DEAD!!!

SB 397-Essential services: religious services- T
his bill, the Religion is Essential Act, would, during a state of emergency or local emergency, require the Governor or the local government to deem religious services to be an essential service and to be necessary and vital to the health and welfare of the public. The bill would prohibit the state and local government from taking discriminatory action against a religious organization, as those terms are defined, and would require the state and local government to permit a religious organization to continue operating and engaging in religious services during a state of emergency to the same or greater extent than other organizations or businesses permitted to operate. STATUS 4/14/21: Failed passage in committee, but granted reconsideration!

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