The Right Stuff: Schaupp right choice for Congress

By Earl Heal and James Lewis

Local Republicans in Solano and other counties believe that the candidates we have running constitute a “dream team” because of their individual, sincere character.

For state elections, we have John Cox for governor, Judge Steven Bailey for attorney general, Mark Meuser for secretary of state, Greg Conlon for treasurer, Konstantinos Roditis for controller, Mark Burns for Board of Equalization and other conservative candidates. They are honest leaders who cherish our state.

For Congress, we support Charlie Schaupp, who is running against John Garamendi.

Today, we’ll talk about Schaupp.

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The Right Stuff: Meuser would provide secretary of state leadership

By Earl Heal

Mark Meuser has excellent credentials as a candidate to become California secretary of state this coming election.

Meuser learned business lessons as a teenager harvesting and marketing cherries before entering and managing a restaurant business. While progressing through law school, he was particularly attracted to election law. His library has many well-read books on American political history, even including the Madison Papers – notes written during the Constitutional Convention.

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The Right Stuff: Big Jim Frazier’s gas tax, other stuff

By Jim McCully

I wasn’t going to respond but I just can’t help myself. Two Daily Republics columnists are seemingly more concerned with form than substance. So, I will attempt to explain it simply for them and anyone else who is interested.

The Right Stuff recently had a column listing a number of goals attributed to the Communist party. The issue apparently is that someone else may well have written the list of goals originally. OK, let’s concede the point. Score one for the On the Left author and his fellow liberal columnists. Now, to me, this is sort of like having a family story attributed to Aunt Bea when it was Grandma.

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The Solano Republican Central Committee hosted the Freedom Ball on Sunday at the Jelly Belly Events Center in Fairfield, and welcomed 250 ticket-holders and five candidates for those constitutional officer posts. Other Republican office-seekers were also present at the more