The Right Stuff: Dems, media gnaw on Kavanaugh

By Kevin P. Ryan

It was Yale in the 1980s. Supposedly, at a drunken party, then-student and now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh dropped his pants and waved his genitals in a female student’s face. The claim comes from a book on the alleged incident written by two New York Times reporters, and is similat […Read More]


The Right Stuff: Delayed arrival of 1984 fulfills prophecies


George Orwell published a book in 1949 depicting “The Party” taking control of much of the world population by 1984. Though written as fiction to warn about tendencies within liberal democracies, it was banned by Soviet Russia until 1990. Too much like home? The setting (1984) has passed more than three decades, but many aspects […Read More]


The Right Stuff: Mental heath illness lives in our community

By Lisa Romero

In Part 1 of this two-part series we discussed the scope and breadth of mental health illness. In this part we put a face on it. One may not share their mental health illness because there is a stigma associated with it. Stigma can lead to discrimination. Mental health illness does not […Read More]


The Right Stuff: Beware the socialists’ premise

A premise is a pronouncement from which another is inferred or follows as the conclusion to base an argument, theory or understanding. An argument is supported by a main premise, an assumption of something, usually a statement or position that forms the basis of a theory. In logic, the premise is the basic statement upon[…Read More]


The Right Stuff: What have we learned about humanity?


A quote I’ve always liked from the novel “All the King’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren says, “And what we students of history always learn is that the human being is a complicated contraption and that they are not good or bad but good and bad and that the good comes out of the bad[…Read More]


The Right Stuff: Scope of Mental Health Services in Solano County – Part 1

By Lisa Romero

As children and teens are headed back to school and we continue our relationships with friends, families and colleagues and in our community, it is important for us to be able to identify mental health resources available in Solano County. I have been a nurse for 29 years and am passionate about[…Read More]


The Right Stuff: Events do not provide foundation for special counsel investigation


Donald Trump’s supporters and haters expected that the special counsel’s report would resolve the issues, but the losing side did not accept the answer so let’s review chronologically significant associated events. The first notable event leading to the special counsel investigation is the email communications between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. In a[…Read More]


The Right Stuff: Dems ID Trump as scapegoat, Azazel


A ritual documented in Leviticus 16.8 reveals during the Days of Atonement (Yom Kippur) two goats were chosen by the high priest for sacrifice, one was pure and called God’s sacrifice and the other was the Azazel or scapegoat. The Azazel was ritually burdened with the sins of the people, and driven out. The quote […Read More]


The Right Stuff: America boasts assimilation then, diversity now


America’s de facto motto has been “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out of many, one”) since it was placed on the Great Seal of the United States in 1792, although, “In God We Trust” was officially adopted in 1956. America’s unique national strength has resulted from this assimilation concept as it has accepted immigrants from the entire […Read More]


The Right Stuff: What will the Democrats run on?


I, like many, watched the Democratic Party’s two-day traveling road show billed as debate. There is a reason Broadway shows have trial runs before hitting Broadway. Well, after the painful experience of watching “#MeToo” and socialist/progressive economic nonsense plus character assassination, I am reminded of the Old West snake oil salesman – Dr. Feel Good’s […Read More]


The Right Stuff: Rule of law requires census citizenship question


Of the numerous statements of wisdom recorded by the nation’s founders, this James Madison jewel portrays a current problem: “It will be of little avail to the people [who] the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they[…Read More]


The Right Stuff: Fellow columnist akin to ‘king of wishful thinking’


I read the column of another columnist last Monday. We are polar opposites in most things political and certainly on the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Now, as I have said about another leftist writer, the columnist in question mirrors to a degree a quote I attributed to a fellow Southerner, former President Bill[…Read More]


The Right Stuff: Democratic Party the party of disappointment


Our American legal system created, in the main, by our founding documents the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were written by well-educated men who could actually read Greek, Latin, had studied mathematics, history, geography, philosophy and law. Men who, because of their education, were familiar with important concepts. Components of our legal system[…Read More]


The Right Stuff: Caring for aging population everyone’s responsibility

By Lisa Romero EdD (c), MS, RN 

 Supporting our aging population in Solano County is all of society’s business. It’s about as bipartisan as one can have. We are on the same journey from birth to death; it’s how we treat each other along the way that defines us as a people. In light of these[…Read More]


The Right Stuff: Where is California today?


I just came back from my eldest granddaughter’s high school graduation in Southern California. This was quite an experience. Leaving at 7 a.m., the trip to Riverside took 9 1/2 hours. The 75 miles took 4 1/2 hours. I returned Saturday in 7 1/2 hours. OK, so what? For many years what took 6 1/2 […Read More]


The Right Stuff: Is there a swamp to be drained?


President Donald Trump wants to “Drain the Swamp.” Is there a swamp to be drained? The first step for solving a problem is to define the problem. One scandal in American history (1922) has sent a senior federal official, Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall, to jail. Two presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, have […Read More]


The Right Stuff: California experience not a good path forward

The noted, controversial, Democrat/Socialist/Progressive, author and feminist, transgender professor Camille Paglia wrote: “Society is an artificial construction, a defense against nature’s power.” I concur. To quote a fellow Southerner, former President Bill Clinton: “Even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while.” I am not completely certain whether Paglia was referring to […Read More]


The Right Stuff: Let’s compare Trump’s, Obama’s accomplishments

As an afterthought recently to reporting President Donald Trump administration’s accomplishments for his first 18 months, it seemed logical to compare the first 18 months of his predecessor, President Barack Obama. It was a pleasant surprise to find a similar first-year report of Obama’s administration. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, remember her campaign platform was […Read More]


The Right Stuff: A silver lining? Well, sort of

I have a friend named Tony who was born in Communist Yugoslavia. His parent fled with he and his siblings to Sweden, a Socialists nation, where he was raised. As an adult he chose America and capitalism. He became an American citizen. His son just finished Marine Corps basic training and he is really proud[…Read More]

The Right Stuff: There’s a difference between political correctness, truth

The Right Stuff policy is to print only positive facts (exceptions are identified as opinion) and avoid criticizing someone’s opinion. However, a regular columnist provided numerous examples of echoing party line fiction as fact. Direct quotations printed below are disproved by easily verified comments […Read More]

The Right Stuff: Actions, reactions on display in Latin America

I was out of the country in Costa Rica for most of April. I had little exposure to “news” and the internet. I got to speak and do business literally with real people who are affected by America’s colossal economic power in the world. I must say it was illuminating. The thing I always find […Read More]

The Right Stuff: Walk Away Part 3: Trump keeps campaign promises

It’s considered unwise to engage a stranger with discussion of politics or religion. I broke that rule recently after seeing a man with a sign stating Trump should be in prison. I had to ask, “What law did the president violate since no one has proven a violation?” I did not expect conversation, but only […Read More]

The Right Stuff: Walk Away Part 2: Separate fact from fiction

This column continues the Walk Away concerns of last week to encourage voters to make an effort to learn the full story of our government’s programs. With a record-setting number of presidential candidates for 2020, it is apparent that each is trying to convince voters that he/she will obtain more “free” support to all. Remember […Read More]

The Right Stuff: Separate fact from fiction; #Walk-Away

This is addressed to all citizens – left, center and right. Are you satisfied with our government’s actions and policies? Are you confident that your elected representatives are courageous enough to vote for the betterment of the state even though it is damaging to their political careers? A well-known axiom is that a democracy can […Read More]

The Right Stuff: Abuse of First Amendment has grown

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.” In their wisdom, the nation’s founders placed this as the First Amendment. […Read More]

The Right Stuff: Time to weed out wickedness in high places

America has been blessed in avoiding major government corruption until recently. The nation’s fathers well-considered human nature faults and established the famous checks and balances that contributed to this success. A major contributor also is that American citizens have elected leaders who understood leadership. Significant failings, however, occurred soon after the presidential election of 1920. […Read More]

The Right Stuff: California boasts interesting history

I thought about writing the usual kind of political column this week but by chance I ran across some interesting facts that seem to explain a lot about us. First, however, I want to confess I, too, am an immigrant to California. I didn’t need a visa, although at times I have indeed felt like […read more]

The Right Stuff: Where are we headed as a nation?

First, some good news. Our booming economy reaching 3 percent GNP credited to removal of 30,000 pages of federal regulations and income tax reform (after assurances from the previous administration that 2 percent was the new norm). As promised, taxes for middle-income residents was reduced 14 to 18 percent, compared to 9 percent for the […read more]

The Right Stuff: Emergency or hate? You decide

I believe anyone living in America for the past two-plus years well knows the progressive/socialists Democratic Party has relentlessly attacked President Donald Trump, his family and people who support him. They have personally attacked him for everything from his haircut to real or imagined behavior before the election, which is not impeachable for all you […read more]

The Right Stuff: Party of old white men? Not really

As most readers know, I have been an official of the California State Republican Party for some number of years now, at both the county and state levels. However, before that I was just a Republican voter fortunate enough to have been born and raised in Washington, D.C., where politics is the all-consuming business of […read more]


The Right Stuff: Where is the truth in politics?

The value of truthfulness was taught to me early. A farm neighbor was friendly and well-liked by all, but everyone knew he was a pathological liar and to never react to anything he said. At that early age I recognized that after an adult lies once, it is foolish, without verification, to believe another word […read more

The Right Stuff: Redress of grievance pays off for citizens

The First Amendment triumphed Tuesday night in Vacaville. Citizens affected by a proposed government policy came forward exercising their First Amendment right to petition their government for a redress of grievance. The issue before the City Council was the so-called Tiny Shelter Project championed by Solano County Supervisor Skip Thomson, his wife Gail and the […read more]

The Right Stuff: Pros of tiny shelters to help homeless in Vacaville

Solano County cities, specifically Vallejo, Fairfield, Suisun City and Vacaville, each have their own homeless problems. These people may be destitute, jobless or mentally challenged. While the rest of the population would like to see them disappear, simply asking them to leave for other areas of the state does not solve the problem.

Counties are obligated to serve the homeless for health and social services, but not housing. However, homeless presence creates significant financial and moral costs.

...Click here to read more.

The Right Stuff: Give credit where credit due

A recent letter to the editor from “Progressive” Democrat Solano County Supervisor Monica Brown concerning her vote on an Association of Bay Area Governments tax is something I agree with. What? Yeah, but there’s a catch.

Brown voted against a regional housing compact titled CASA supported by the Association of Bay Area Governments, a subset of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, on whose executive board she serves. Brown asserts she could not support a tax where Solano County gets no benefit. She sited Solano County’s 70 percent vote against Regional Measure 3 that raised bridge tolls. Political cover? Yeah, certainly!

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